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Frank C. Alegre Trucking

About FTG Construction Materials, Inc.

FTG Construction maintains sand and dirt pits, throughout the Tracy, Manteca, Stockton, Antioch  and Sacramento areas. Equipment operated by F.T.G. Construction Materials, Inc. include front-end loaders, excavators, dozers, blades, paddle-wheels, water-wagons, water trucks, screening plants and a low-bed to transport equipment. F.T.G. Construction Materials, Inc. has a fully operational shop which maintains and overhauls its own equipment, including two fully stocked service vehicles which lube, fuel and conduct preventative maintenance operations in the field. F.T.G. Construction Materials, Inc. also operates materials and concrete and asphalt recycling yards located at 915 Anderson Street in Stockton, 1360 E. Turner Road in Lodi and 3500 Wilbur Avenue in Antioch. These yards contain stock piled materials such as landscaping soils, sand, loam, road-base, topsoil, garden rock, pea-gravel, dirt, etc. which is sold to contractors and the public. Broken concrete and asphalt can also be brought the the yards for recycling.